/Street Art Gallery Naples

Street Art Gallery Naples

Two months ago I presented my street art project to the community of Giardino Liberato @giardinoliberato and they approved it. Giardino Liberato is an amazing place in Naples. It’s a huge four-story convent, abandoned in the 70’s and later on taken over by a group of people from the neighborhood who have been taking care of the place and organizing different activities ,all of them free of charge , because here we are all volunteers, sharing our time and knowledge with others.

The location I chose (on the last floor) was in disuse as most of the activities are concentrated downstairs, and it needed reordering. I managed to clean it up and now it’s ready to be filled in with posters.

The idea is to create a collective wall in collaboration with different street artists from all over the world during the paste up festival scheduled for April , 4th . The wall is to stay there as permanent exposition, waiting for visitors.

We plan to organize free street art tours and other events and update the collection by adding new artworks

For now I pasted a couple of pieces by @blackdoveartist and @manuelabelfioreart @criativagomma Thanks to everyone who joined our project. We are open to collaborations and new ideas.