/Call for artists – Street Art Gallery Naples

Call for artists – Street Art Gallery Naples

Street Art Gallery Naples invites all artists who want their artworks pasted up in this awesome place , to send them by postal service or deliver in person by 10/03/2020 (March, 10th)

This is a non profit project, aimed at promoting poster art, creating new international connections, and most importantly spreading beauty and positive vibes.

All you need to do is :

get your pieces ready and contact me on instagram @miuzzayeah or send me an e-mail olqolqolq@yahoo.it , for mailing details.

Also , please don’t forget to include in the envelope a short bio ( you’ll be featured)



•size: max 200cm x150cm

•quantity: we have plenty of room, so the more the better

•materials: paper ( not to thick, please! Crochet, textiles and other materials are welcome! (DM me first, please) Share it with your friends artists 🙏Good vibes to everyone